How to Choose a Good Web Designer for your Next Marketing Project

Building a new website to sell products or services on is a great idea, especially since so many people shop purely online for their items.  We recommend thinking carefully about which designer you choose to build your next website, as they are not equal unfortunately!

Talk to each agency you approach to get a feel for how they work and what sort of expectations they have of your success.  Any goodf web deisgner will be interested in their clients enough to find out about the industry they work in and what services they provide – how can they create a good site if they don’t know you?!

Take a look at their portfolio, or at least find out a couple of companies who have used them before to see what the end result looks like.  If there are broken links everywhere and images which don’t load, or too much waffly text, move on and find a better designer!

Don’t go overboard with your demands!  A designer is there to realise your ideas, but at the same time hone in on those which are most effective.  No good chucking amazing effects and animations at sub standard writing.  Make sure the content is there before any crazy messing begins.