Choosing a Great Layout for Your Site

The layout of your site is an important choice to make, as it is what decides how the site will look.  You can go to town on colour, images and content but without a good layout you won’t get very far!

The layout can be broken down into three areas: the page width, the heading and the menu.  Let’s take a look at each of these topics.

Page Width

The width can be described as either full width or boxed width.  The full width style suits mobile devices, and looks really modern.  It allows the background image of the site to stretch across the full width of the screen, from left to right.  This is a popular style and looks great!  The boxed width has a set dimension the website can fit into, and it is the more traditional looking site.


The heading design is important, as this is often the first bit your visitors see when they click on your site.  The header can have a static image, slideshow or video clip on it.  It is important that you get this bit right, as it must match with your brand identity.

Menu locations

You can have your menu along the top or down the side.  The menu is where your visitors will look for navigational clues and to find more information, make sure it is not hidden!